• Seizing Malaysia's moment

    JOURNAL | GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES by: Muthiah Alagappa

    Malaysia’s historic May 9 election was dramatic, sweeping and unprecedented. A ruling party in power with seemingly impregnable advantages was ousted through the ballot box. There was no extra-c...

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  • Indonesia's quiet success explained

    JOURNAL | BOOK REVIEWS by: Salil Tripathi

      Resurgent Indonesia: From Crisis to Confidence By Vasuki Shastry        &nbs...

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  • Hijrah - between radical and moderate Islam

    JOURNAL | INDONESIA 360 by: Shinta Eka Puspasari

    A rising tide of Islamic religiosity in Indonesia is being propelled, among other influences, by a local “hijrah movement,” which demands greater personal adherence to Shariah law, but whi...

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  • In human qualities, we shall believe

    JOURNAL | INDONESIA 360 by: Cilla Henriette

    Back in April, I authored an essay published in Strategic Review about what may be holding us Indonesians back as a society. It was coming from a positive place to encourage us to reflect on what may ...

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  • China's 'Belt and Road' initiative: The Indonesian stop

    JOURNAL | INDONESIA 360 by: Bastiaan Scherpen

    China under the leadership of President Xi Jinping has embarked on a multipronged and far-reaching development drive abroad that will help it secure its long-term interests, and Indonesia plays an imp...

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  • AI and the return of great-power competition


    For better or worse, the advancement and diffusion of artificial intelligence technology will come to define this century. Whether that statement should fill your soul with terror or delight remains a...

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  • Climate justice: A feminist fossil fuel-free future

    JOURNAL | GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES by: Shradha Shreejaya

    There is no doubt or absence of scientific consensus about the fact that the climate is changing at an accelerated rate owing to anthropogenic activities. In fact, this era is dubiously named “A...

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  • The Trump-Kim showdown


    Just before entering office, Donald J Trump was warned by his predecessor, Barack Obama, that North Korea was America’s most serious, pressing national security concern. Obama was right. By Janu...

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