• Can India expect a good innings from Imran Khan?

    DIGITAL ARTICLE | COMMENTARIES by: Tridivesh Singh Maini

    <p>Many analysts, both internal and external, believed Pakistan&rsquo;s recent election would be a tough battle, with Imran Khan&rsquo;s PTI (Pakistan-Tehreek-e-Insaaf) having a slight e...

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  • Hezbollah missile threat


    <p>In its fight with the Israelis, Hezbollah is said to be receiving sophisticated missiles and weapon systems from countries like Iran and North Korea, receiving Fateh missiles with a range of ...

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  • NATO's new military Schengen zone


    Russia’s westward military expansion post the Ukrainian crisis has become a concerning factor for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). To be able to respond quickly to the Russian thre...

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  • The rise of the Dragon and Garuda

    DIGITAL ARTICLE | COMMENTARIES by: Maria Margaretha Widhia Putri

    China has captured much attention over its Belt and Road Initiative, as a realization of its plan to project power across Asia. In the book, “Politics Among Nations”, Hans Morgenthau write...

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  • Striving to build a better world


      Incorrigible Optimist: A Political Memoir By Gareth Evans          &nbs...

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  • Education: Is it too late for change?

    JOURNAL | INDONESIA 360 by: Keith Loveard

    Education is, more than ever, a hot issue within Indonesian development discourse, with many voices calling for a greater focus on vocational training within the school system so that more semi-skille...

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  • Is Indonesia serious about corporate governance?

    JOURNAL | INDONESIA 360 by: Peter Verhezen

    Most corporate leaders in Indonesia see corporate governance as legal governmental regulation – or rather nuisance – with which to comply. Governance rules are therefore perceived as an ex...

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  • A ray of hope for Indonesia's traditional religious beliefs

    JOURNAL | INDONESIA 360 by: Johannes Nugroho

    Last November, in what was a watershed moment in Indonesia's history of religious freedom, the Constitutional Court found the government guilty of discriminatory practices against followers of indigen...

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